Painted Windows

Simple Cotton


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Conversation piece! 

Antique window.

From a house demo in Nola, and said to be around 80 years old at least. 

Great condition, ideal for hanging as home decor. 

Rustic, simplistic style. 

Acrylic paint and sealer. 

Mounted once sold. 


Listing 01


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One can see the artists true love of color as she plays with form to both draw you in and feel unbalanced calm.

Large 3x3

acrylic on plywood


Listing 02

”Night Vision”

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A painting that brings a faint memory into focus, of running through the night hunting lightening bugs. 

3x3 on plywood 

Acrylic, mixed media


Listing 03

”Cherry Blossoms”

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This soothing scene comes from the painters fantasy of a warbling brook bordered by cherry blossom trees. The Japanese print maker style gives this piece quite a dynamic contrast. 

3x4 plywood 


Mounted onto plywood box  


Listing 04

”Picasso Girl”

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This portrait is done in a Picasso style to give homage to the late great. The faint city scape gives away to the abstracted background in  bands of color. This girl is sassy and knows herself! Proud to be unique and wears it on her sleeve! 

Artist’s Background:

my process...


 My approach to working with ideas, themes, emotions comes from  a natural process. My ‘natural process” is surrounded by animals, loud music, a variety of creative sources/inspirations and also lush palletes, textures and life! 

my style...


I enjoy experimenting with various materials, styles and techniques to produce a desired effect in my work. I keep trying until it “feels right”. I look forward to the struggle we as creators must contend with to reach a desired product.