Sarah Willis, Artist




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Artist’s Background:


I'm an observer...

As a creator, I'm vastly influenced by the experiences within nature. I like to recreate natural and abstract themes in my work; ones connecting a shared human experience. I love to ponder an idea while surrounded by vast beauty, then begin the journey to harness raw inspiration into a precise result.


In my process...

 My approach to working with ideas, themes, emotions comes from  a natural process. My ‘natural process” is surrounded by animals, loud music, a variety of creative sources/inspirations and also lush palletes, textures and life! 


In my Style...

I enjoy experimenting with various materials, styles and techniques to produce a desired effect in my work. I keep trying until it “feels right”. I look forward to the struggle we as creators must contend with to reach a desired product.

Abstract in process on huge plywood panel

In process, music by Justice. Check out my other in process timelapse vids on my Youtube channel!